Hello and welcome to our website. 

Hi and welcome to our website.

We are store support. A company created by a group of students from the Amsterdam University AS. With our curiosity, work ethic and enthusiasm. We strive to support your business. By offering specialized products for your company. In every aspect possible.


Scroll on and find out about how and with who we are going to achieve our goals.


We are an enthusiastic group of students: Bjorn, Carlota, Christian, Brent, Brandon, Mert, Eline, Naomi, Abby and Mohammed. We just started our first year HBO on the Hogeschool from Amsterdam and are focused on international business. An English-language program where we are swamped with business-related topics. Which help us find our purpose. For the subject Co-Creative Entrepreneurship, we were given the opportunity to experience by ourselves what it is like to run a real business. By applying it in practice. In our own created company. After holding our shareholder meeting. We managed to recruit enough shareholders. Which allowed us to launch our company.


Our goal is to help companies. In creating their optimal purpose. We do this by creating personalized merchandise. A kickboxing school with personalized shirts. To a bank that wants to present itself professionally by handing out personalized pens and notebooks. The possibilities are endless.


The goal we personally want to achieve. Is to experience as fully as possible what it is like to run a business. What is involved, and how much time and energy it takes.

We are driven, professional and want to make the most of this experience. Try us out...